We’re Erin (husband, dad and serial entrepreneur) and Bethany (wife, mom and hippy nurse). While we call each other E and B, the name could have stood for something cool, like Everyone’s a Barista. But, we just weren’t that witty. No, we started E&B because we fell in love with coffee and wanted to raise our daughters up in a small, local, honest family business. We’re normal people in a normal South Nashville neighborhood who want to help you enjoy better coffee at home. Way better coffee. Truly fresh roasted, sourced from responsible farms, organic practices…the whole nine yards.

Coffee was not always our passion. We put years into technology and nursing careers, yet found ourselves yearning to be entrepreneurs. To combine our skills and build something together as a family. In 2013, we really started to discover coffee. As we developed our pallet by trying every brewing method possible, we became curious about the craft of roasting. Our first batch was roasted in an air popcorn popper on our front porch not long after. The rest is history.

So, from our roaster (Big Red) to your cup, we hope you enjoy it.

Erin & Bethany