Honduras Decaf


The decaf of your dreams…without interrupting them.

Roast Level
Tasting Notes Maple, Caramel, Sweet & Balanced
Processing Mountain Water Processed (MWP)


We’ve always joked that decaf only works when you throw it. Good decaf is hard to come by. Even harder is finding good water-processed organic decaf green (coffee beans ready for roast); however, we found a winner.

Decaffeinated by Mountain Water Processing, this Honduras origin is free of all chemicals and solvents typically used in the decaffeination process. This single-origin roast is well balanced, clean and medium bodied, featuring sweet notes of maple and caramel.


Fair-Trade Certified, USDA Organic

Honduras Marcala Estate is grown by a group a farmers under the name, “Cafe Organico Marcala S.A. or COMSA. It originated from a group of organized producers in the Savings and Credit Rural Box of 2000, interested in selling their coffee to differentiated markets and at better prices. With the support of FUNDER it was founded on December 13th, 2001 as a Variable Stock Corporation. It is formed by 316 partners. COMSA produces around 26,145 quintals of exportable golden coffee. It has the necessary facilities for the wet processing procedure, hiring the processing services for the exportation. Currently the company exports coffee with the Fair Trade Seal, Bio-Latin Organic and Denomination of Origin Marcala (DOP), there are advances for the certification of 50 producers for the UTZ seal.