Guatemala Decaf


The decaf of your dreams…without interrupting them.

Roast Level
Tasting Notes Maple, Caramel, Sweet & Balanced
Processing Mountain Water Processed (MWP)


We’ve always joked that decaf only works when you throw it. Good decaf is hard to come by. Even harder is finding good water-processed organic decaf green (coffee beans ready for roast); however, we found a winner.

Decaffeinated by Mountain Water Processing, this coffee from San Marcos, Guatemala is free of all chemicals and solvents typically used in the decaffeination process. This single-origin roast is well balanced, clean and medium bodied, featuring sweet notes of maple and caramel.


Fair-Trade Certified, USDA Organic

The FTO Guatemala COPECAFE coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Cooperative Integral de Ahorro y Credito Cafe Responsabilidad Limitada COPECAFE R.L. This cooperative operates within the municipality of San Marcos in the department of San Marcos as well. COPECAFE coffee is produced by families with farms that average 4 acres in size. COPECAFE is investing in the production of organic fertilizers aimed at improving the productivity and health of coffee farms. Members of COPECAFE also participate in a family garden and bee keeping program to support the economy of the community.