Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Exceptionally sweet and delightfully fruit-forward. This high-altitude, naturally processed Yirgacheffe is sure to please even the most snobby of coffee junkies.

Tasting Notes Anise, Stone Fruit, White Grape
Processing Dry/Natural

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This exceptionally sweet, organic lot was sourced and naturally processed at they Abiyot Ageze washing station located in the regional state of the Gedeo zone in the Konga district of Yirgacheffe. Approximately 615 producers grow coffee in the area with an average of .6 tons of production to support the organic program. Mr. Abiyot Ageze started the washing station in 2007 with objectives to expand marketability with Organic certification and to produce coffee that is sustainable and profitable for the farmers. Mr. Abiyot and his team support he farmers by offering assistance in best farming practices and quality control levels on the farm.


USDA Organic